Welcome to The Lyons Learning Project

The Lyons Learning Project is a place for adult Jewish learning and conversation.


Why engage in Jewish learning at all? We all come to adult learning for different reasons and part of the magic of learning as an adult is the diversity of motive and experience. In the 21st century the old hierarchies of teachers and students do not work in the same way; we all have access to information and knowledge like never before.

At The Lyons Learning Project we are committed to building communal conversations about Judaism and Jewish life. We want you to know something about your Judaism, to develop skills and understanding but we also want you to think deeply about what all of that means for us as Jews today in an ever changing world.

If we are to answer the question of why we should be Jewish, what kind of Judaism we want to exist and transmit and how we want to live lives enriched and fulfilled by Judaism then we need to be learning, talking and thinking. The Lyons Learning Project seeks to offer transformative educational experiences, increase Jewish literacy and a commitment to Jewish life. If that sounds like something in which you are interested then please join us.

Victorian Jewish Women Authors



with Rabbi Julia Neuberger

 Wednesday 27 June, 4 & 11 July

7-8.15pm (33 Seymour Place)

Come and learn about Victorian Jewish women  novelists, many of whom were widely read in their lifetimes, were often borrowed prolifically from lending libraries, wrote on Jewish and non-Jewish themes, and display a degree of acceptance of Jews in British society – plus a great deal of self-consciousness – that is truly fascinating. These were women were educated, emancipated, strongly Jewish, and successful. They predate ‘the Jewish novel’ by a century or more, and, because they went out of fashion, are barely known in our day. But they are worth rediscovering.

Session 1: Amy Levy, who was a member of West London Synagogue, and was hugely highly regarded in her lifetime and afterwards.

Session 2: Grace Aguilar, a prolific novelist who was widely read by Jews and non-Jews alike throughout the 19th century, and wrote on intensely Jewish themes.

Session 3: The Misses Moss, Emily Harris, Mrs Alfred Sidgwick and others.

To book please complete the form below, there is no fee for the course, but donations are invited (we recommend £10 per session).


Parents Learning Project


Sunday mornings 11:15am-12:15pm in the Hub at West London Synagogue

Introducing the Parents Learning Project

For the first time ever, The Lyons Learning Project and West London Synagogue are working together to create a series of sessions that will enrich parents’ own learning, give them tools to practice Judaism at home and offer space to think through challenging issues around parenting. Taught by the Rabbinic team of West London Synagogue.


In the coming academic year we are encouraging parents to engage with their own learning, skill them up for questions their children may be asking at home and also emphasise the importance of implementing at home what children are learning at the Synagogue. In conjunction with West London Synagogue we will be offering a course for parents that will include:

  • Judaism 101 – in 10 Weeks – 11:15am-12:15pm
  • Parenthood – Parenting Issues from a Jewish Perspective – 11:15-12:15
  • Hebrew – Crash Course for Parents – 10:00-11:00 (Religion School Parents Only)

Dates of the sessions are here.

To register your interest please sign up here.

The course is free, but a minimum donation of £100 would be gratefully received to deepen the impact of our work.