About Melton

We invite you to join the great Jewish conversation…

Jewish life has gone through many profound changes in the 21st Century. Adult Jews today reflect a diversity of backgrounds and practice mirrored in the wider culture. Many adults want to explore who they are, where they come from, where they fit in, and what their purpose is. These adults are looking for meaning – about themselves, their communities, and their values. Melton was designed as a learning experience that supports diverse and meaningful Jewish study as it presents Jewish ideas, practice, history, and ethics. Research demonstrates that Melton transforms our students’ lives and changes the way they see themselves as Jews, as parents or grandparents, and as learners.

Vision Statement

To positively impact the destiny of the Jewish people by supporting an international community of Jewish lifetime learning that inspires engagement.

Mission Statement

The Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning of The Hebrew University develops and serves a global network of schools. We strive to enhance the knowledge base of adults and families through sequential and comprehensive Jewish text-based curricula. We encourage a pluralistic and interactive environment with an array of learning opportunities and partners.