Melton: What will I study


Melton is a participatory learning programme in which you will be exposed to Jewish texts from across the Jewish denominations. The distinguishing features of Melton are:

  1. Text-based Study: The materials are developed by scholars and educators who work with staff at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The curriculum is renowned for the depth of its content and the breadth of its resources. Students receive an attractive, well-organized Student Reader that includes hundreds of texts that provide them with a challenging, yet accessible, learning experience. The texts serve as springboards for discussion as students of diverse backgrounds are encouraged to bring their contemporary, personal perspectives to the understanding of these timeless teachings.
  2. Pluralistic Context: Melton’s commitment to pluralism is reflected in the students, the faculty, and the curriculum. Our students come from diverse backgrounds but learn to appreciate the variety in the Jewish world and to respect its differences.
  3. Interactive Learning: A Melton class includes the voices of students in understanding and responding to ideas and texts. This distinguishing feature of Melton encourages our students to make connections to their lives, to ask higher-level questions, to become more confident in Jewish study and to appreciate the value of a learning community.

Year 1 of The Core Course consists of:

Rhythms of Jewish Living:

  • The Jewish Year Begins
  • Day to Day Jewish Living
  • Rabbinic Innovations
  • Rites of Passage
  • Formative National Moments

Purposes of Jewish Living includes such diverse topics as:

  • What is Jewish Learning
  • Exodus from Egypt
  • The creation and Humankind
  • Mitzvot
  • What is Torah?
  • Theology
  • Free will and sin
  • The Messianic Era
  • Seeking Understanding after the Holocaust
  • The Purposes of Judaism
  • etc.

Year 2 of The Core Course consists of:

Ethics of Jewish Living:

  • The Jewish basis of Morality
  • The ethics of language
  • Medical ethics
  • Relationships
  • End of Life issues
  • Ransoming captives
  • Tzedakah (charity)
  • Business ethics
  • Environmental ethics
  • etc

Crossroads of Jewish History:

  • The earliest Biblical history
  • First and Second Temple period
  • Encounters with Christianity and Islam
  • The Geonim
  • Disputations
  • Dispersion
  • Spanish Inquisition
  • Mysticism
  • Chasidism
  • The Holocaust
  • Foundation of the State of Israel
  • Ethiopian Jewry
  • etc