Be’er Chayyim (Aleph)

Learn to Live Well Drawing on Jewish Wisdom

Be’er Chayyim (Living Well)

Aleph Stream

Judaism has plenty to offer us in terms of resilience, health and living well. We have spiritual practices and an obligation to learn regularly, we have a philosophy around food and materialism and we value silence and acts of kindness over excess verbiage. We also have lots to help us think about relationships and caring for family. This newest and groundbreaking course will offer a structure for you to embrace Jewish values, teachings and practices into your lives.

The Course consists of three Streams (Aleph, Bet and Gimmel). To progress to Bet and Gimmel you must complete Aleph which we’re running for the first time this year.

There will be six sessions over the course of the year which will introduce texts and ideas from our Jewish tradition:

  1. Planning for Change (11 September 2019, 8pm)
  2. Focus on Spiritual Practice (13 November 2019, 8pm)
  3. Building Relationships (15 January 2020, 8pm)
  4. Giving and Receiving (4 March 2020, 8pm)
  5. Health and Well-Being (13 May 2020, 8pm)
  6. Food and Materialism (24 June 2020, 8pm)

Sessions will be facilitated by Rabbi Janes and experts in the field and will finish at 9:45pm.

You will also be given a journal with readings and exercises to complete and access to online materials.

In addition the course will be accompanied by two more regular courses because regular learning is an important part of the personal growth that is at the heart of the course. You can choose one or both of these regular courses:

  • Insights from Pirke Avot (Weekly Wednesdays)
  • Insights from the Parashah (bite sized weekly podcasts)

Quick Info

  • Wednesdays throughout the year (see above for details)
  • Course readings provided in class

Six Sessions: £150 (including Journal

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Course Tutors

Rabbi Neil Janes

Rabbi Neil Janes

Executive Director

Rabbi Neil Janes is Executive Director of the Lyons Learning Project and member of the […]

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