Learning Grows at the Lyons Learning Project

Since this series of learning began with courses on Talmud, 12 Jewish Questions and Writing our own Torah Commentary, we have seen more than forty people coming through the doors of the Lyons Learning Project. This project is growing a20160215_192922nd the vision to bring more and more people into the important Jewish conversations is unfolding.

In Talmud, we have had conversations ranging from what it means for Judaism to evolve generation to generation, how we interpret our texts and what they mean to us. Last night, we touched on the questions of how we include or exclude people based on the types of questions they ask. The amazing thing has been the ages, experiences and knowledge that have been part of the learning.

In 12 Jewish Questions, with Rabbi Lior Nevo, learning has covered miracles, prayer, kashrut, and many of the other questions that we must be asking. Rabbi Nevo has brought a wonderful vibrancy and intelligent, warm learning environment to classes.20160229_112214

Yesterday, Rabbi Janes visited a law firm in the City to speak about Judaism generally and Judaism in the workplace. There was a packed audience and the discussion covered aspects of antisemitism, theology, keeping kosher and many more things. All over a generous lunch. This talk is available to any firms looking to raise the level of interfaith dialogue and conversation amongst employees and managers.

Judaism for employers

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