Parents Learning Project – New for this year!

Why Parents Learning Project?

For the first time ever, The Lyons Learning Project and West London Synagogue are working together to create a series of sessions that will enrich parents’ own learning, give them tools to practice Judaism at home and offer space to think through challenging issues around parenting. Taught by the Rabbinic team of West London Synagogue.


In the coming academic year we are encouraging parents to engage with their own learning, skill them up for questions their children may be asking at home and also emphasise the importance of implementing at home what children are learning at the Synagogue. In conjunction with West London Synagogue we will be offering a course for parents that will include:

  • Judaism 101 – in 10 Weeks – 11:15am-12:15pm
  • Parenthood – Parenting Issues from a Jewish Perspective – 11:15-12:15
  • Hebrew – Crash Course for Parents – 10:00-11:00 (Religion School Parents Only)

One of the things that we know from our conversations with parents is that they can also feel like they need to learn. We also know that parents want to be able to support their children with their Hebrew reading and in Jewish life in their home. There are some really important issues that we all face as parents with children growing up in the 21st century – we think it is important not only to talk about the issues but think about a Jewish perspective on them too.

All of the research into the development of young people is that an enduring love and commitment to Judaism begins with the home. It is the most important place for your children as they grow up. It makes sense, as our children grow up our homes are the living classroom for them to experience the values that we hold to be important as adults. Making those values real in tangible ways is how our children identify what is important – whether it is the regular practice of giving to charity and identifying it as something Jewish or lighting Shabbat candles on Friday night or anything else.

We want to work in partnership with parents in creating a seamless bridge between the home environment and Synagogue. Religion School can complement what the children are experiencing at home but cannot be a substitute! We want to offer the parents the time to learn about this whilst recognising that Sundays are a precious time-out from busy schedules. For that reason we have designed a programme that is not every week but is nonetheless regular. We hope the sanctuary of time to learn with us will be a routine parents come to see as enriching and meaningful.

The sessions will be friendly, informal and an opportunity to meet other parents too. They will be taught by our rabbinic team. The programme is led by Rabbi Neil Janes who is the rabbinic lead for Education at the Synagogue and Executive Director of the Lyons Learning Project. The programme is free, though a donation would be gratefully received to deepen the impact of our work.

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