Parents Learning Project


Sunday mornings 11:15am-12:15pm in the Hub at West London Synagogue

Introducing the Parents Learning Project

For the first time ever, The Lyons Learning Project and West London Synagogue are working together to create a series of sessions that will enrich parents’ own learning, give them tools to practice Judaism at home and offer space to think through challenging issues around parenting. Taught by the Rabbinic team of West London Synagogue.


In the coming academic year we are encouraging parents to engage with their own learning, skill them up for questions their children may be asking at home and also emphasise the importance of implementing at home what children are learning at the Synagogue. In conjunction with West London Synagogue we will be offering a course for parents that will include:

Class specific sessions

  • 14 October – BM1 and BM2
  • 4 November – Gimel, Dalet and Hey
  • 11 November – Gan, Aleph and Bet
  • 13 January – Vav


Values and Questions sessions

  • 20 January
  • 27 January
  • 17 March
  • 24 March
  • 28 April
  • 5 May
  • 16 June
  • 23 June

Parenting skills sessions

  • 3 March – Parenting special session
  • 10 March – Parenting special session

Hebrew for Parents – from 10-11am

Learning how to support your children learn Hebrew by learning yourself!

  • 4 November
  • 11 November

To register your interest please sign up here.

The course is free, but a minimum donation of £100 would be gratefully received to deepen the impact of our work.

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